Exam 1


Air Cylinder

Instructions for the downloading of two SolidWorks models, the Bevel Gears and Sarrus Mechanism.

The folders at the links below contain all of the parts and assemblies that are needed for the opening the two mechanisms in SolidWorks.
There is one assembly per mechanism which contain the various parts that make up that assembly.  To access the mechanisms in SolidWorks follow the steps outlined below:

  • Somewhere on your own computer's C: drive create two folders (in My Documents or on your Desktop) :
    • Sarrus
    • Bevel Gears
  • Click on the links below.
  • While in that mechanism's folder on the website left click on each of the files listed and save them "save target as..." to the appropriate folder on your computer.
    • It is important that all of the part files and the assembly file are downloaded to the same folder.
  • When done, startup SolidWorks then open the sarrus.sldasm or bevelgears.SLDASM assembly files.
    • The assemblies will open all the parts needed for the assembly.
  • Try rotating the parts of each assembly.
Bevel Gears Download

Sarrus Download