Instructional Videos
SolidWorks, Getting Started, Modeling a Junction Box, The T Section:

Videos on this page include:

1.  Getting Started, Part 1, Creating the MM SolidWorks Part Template File
2.  Getting Started, Part 2, Modifying the MM Template File for the Inch Part Template File
3.  Getting Started, Part 3, Junction Box, The Feature Manager
4.  Getting Started, Part 4, Junction Box, Sketching for 3D Features
5.  Getting Started, Part 5, Junction Box, Sketching for Creating Holes
6.  Getting Started, Part 6, Junction Box, Extruded Cut for Side Holes
7.  Getting Started, Part 7, Junction Box, The Fillet and Shell Features
8.  Getting Started, Part 8, Junction Box, The Hole Wizard and Finishing the Model
9.  The "T-Section", Version 1, Sketching Half then Using the Mirror Command
10.  The "T-Section", Version 2, Sketching, Offsetting and Trimming

1.  This video provides instruction on how to create your millimeter SolidWorks part template file.  Back to the top

2.  This video provides instruction on how to make modifications to your millimeter template file and how to use that file to create an inch template file. Back to the top

3.  This video describes some of the elements in the Feature Manager including the three primary planes, origin and various view settings.  Back to the top

4.  This video demonstrates how to start sketching and introduces and describes some of the sketch elements visible on the screen.  Back to the top

5.  This video demonstrates how to make our first 3D feature out of our sketch and how to sketch the geometry for some side holes.  Back to the top

6.  This video demonstrates how to cut our side holes out of our sketch. Back to the top

7.  This video demonstrates how to use the Fillet and Shell features on our box and the differences in how things are ordered in the Feature Manager. Back to the top

8.  This video demonstrates how to use the Hole Wizard and the sketch geometry involved with hole placement to finish our model.  Back to the top

9.  This video demonstrates how to sketch the outline of a T-Section followed by Offset Entities (offsetting those lines) followed by the Trim Entities command (to trim the excess) before extruding the enclosed geometry. Back to the top

10.  This video demonstrates how to sketch half the of a T-Section then using the Mirror Entities command for the other half before extruding the enclosed geometry.  Back to the top