Instructional Videos
SolidWorks, Cosmetic Thread, First and Third Angle Projections:

Videos on this page include:

11. Inserting a Cosmetic Thread on an Existing Part
12. Explanation of First and Third Angle Projections in Engineering Views
13. Understanding Sketch Element Line Colors and Sketch Relations
14. Modeling an Outlet Cover Part 1, Sketching, Dimensions and Sketch Relations
15. Modeling an Outlet Cover Part 2, Sketch Mirror, Extrude Boss/Base, Shell, Chamfer
16. Modeling an Outlet Cover Part 3, Feature Order, Rib, Display Manager and View Settings

11.  This video demonstrates how to insert a Cosmetic Thread into your model and some of the options available.  Back to the top

12.  This video describes the symbols associated with First and Third Angle Projections and how they and are managed, derived and shown in various engineering views.  Back to the top

13.  This video provides instruction on understanding certain Sketch element line colors and the symbols used for some Sketch Relations.  Back to the top

14.  This video shows some sketching techniques using Smart Dimensions and Sketch Relations to fully define our sketch.  Back to the top

15.   This video shows how to apply the sketch Mirror command, the Extrude Boss/Base, Shell feature and the Chamfer feature.  Back to the top

16.   This video shows how a model changes when items in the Feature Manager Design Tree are rearranged.  Also the Rib feature is demonstrated.  To conclude various display settings are applied including Edit Material, items in the Display Manager, Appearance settings, View Settings such as Perspective, Real View Graphics, Shadows in Shaded Mode,  Ambient Occlusion and others.  
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