Instructional Videos
SolidWorks, Lofted Boss/Base, Getting Started-Switch Plate:

The videos include:
149.  Creating a Lofted Boss/Base on a Simple Part, Options, Guide Curves
150.  Getting Started, Switch Plate-1, Showing and Overview of Various Features
151.  Getting Started, Switch Plate-2, Sketches, Center Rectangle, Centerlines, Geometry, Relations 
152.  Getting Started, Switch Plate-3, Chamfer, Extrude Cut, Hole Wizard with Various Options 
153.  Getting Started, Switch Plate-4, Applying the Shell and Rib Features with Various Options 
154.  Getting Started, Switch Plate-5, One Sketch the Drives them All and the Contour Select Tool
155.  SolidWorks, Help Tutorial, The Rib Feature, compared to the Thin Feature and Extrude Boss/Base

149.   This video demonstrates how to create a Lofted Boss/Base on a simple part covering some of the options and using Guide Curves. Back to the top

150.   This video provides an overview of the model and explains some sketch elements and features such as the Extrude Boss/Base, Extrude Cut, Chamfer, Hole Wizard, Shell and Rib. 
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151.  This video starts from the beginning and sets up the sketch, sketch geometry, dimensions and sketch relations for the base feature.  Back to the top

152.  This video continues on from the previous video and discusses the Chamfer, Extrude Cut and the Hole Wizard Features with various options.  Back to the top

153.  This video continues on from the previous video and discusses the Shell and Rib Features with various options. Back to the top

154.  This video takes a different approach than the previous videos by combining all of the sketch elements from the various features and incorporating them into the base Feature sketch.  This provides a one stop shopping experience where any feature updates can be made in one sketch at the top of the Feature Manager Design Tree and using the Contour Select Tool for all of the Features.  Back to the top

155.  This video demonstrates the use of the Rib Feature, how it works, what are the options and how it is different from both the Extrude Boss/Base and the Thin Feature.  Back to the top