Enterprise Designs and Innovations – with Chris Scarlett as it principal – has over 25 years of experience in various application of CAD including AutoCAD, Revit Architecture and SolidWorks.  He has also taught at the college level, has a CAD related instructional video channel on YouTube, presented at the SolidWorks World design conferences  and has provided hours of consultation for clients across the US and parts of Europe.

Now, we are specializing in product or concept development using all of the tools mentioned above plus the addition of image and video production.  We will take your napkin sketch and take it all the way to your product’s or your concept’s introduction to potential partners and the world…  and it all starts with your idea… put it down on paper including a description and sketch… and we’ll take it from there including:

  • Visuals including images, drawings and videos
  • Physical models including “Looks Like” and “Works Like” prototypes
  • Engineering drawings – that communicate “how do we make it”, initially toward the making of a “Manufacturable Prototype”.
  • More connections for manufacturing, distribution and marketing (not our specialty, but we can help lead you in the right direction).

All this with collaboration and full communication back and forth along the way.  Please see our ENTERPRISE page for additional information on the steps we may take to help you develop your product or concept.

There are a lot of firms that you can choose from to help you on your path to success – but we believe we provide that personal touch that many larger companies do not.  We also have a knack toward problem solving, if you do not know how to proceed from what ever spot we are starting from.  Let Enterprise Design and Innovations be your partner on your path to a successful product or concept design.

And please drop us a line using the contact form below: