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 Design and Modeling Services, from Art, Scale Models, Toys and Prototypes

Part Fabricators

 The Part Fabricator, Quick Turn Part Design and Print


 Model and Printed Samples for Sale or Download


Design Services

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3 Dimensional design using the latest version of SolidWorks. Design clients vary from firms visualizing plant layouts using simple models to complex machines requiring close tolerances large assemblies and models.

♦ Jobs are billed by the hour between $30 and $50 depending on the complexity of the design.

Physical Models

Physical models can be quickly produced using our MakerBot 3D printer of design concepts and prototypes in various colors of ABS plastic (6″ x 8″ x 8″ maximum size).  Also, we have accounts with various firms that offer a wider variety of material selections including steel and copper alloy metals as well as larger build volumes.

♦ For the MakerBot ABS plastic we charge a reasonable $3 a cubic inch plus shipping

◊ Priority Mail, Small Flat Rate Box is $5.80 with free handling ◊ local orders are delivered for $5 with free handling (up to 20 miles) ◊ most of the time we offer same day processing and shipping

♦ For third party makers, such as ShapeWays we charge a $7 setup fee on top of the vendor charge.

◊ orders are sent to the cleint’s address unless otherwise directed

Onsite Design and Physical Modeling, the “Road Show”

With this service we pack up our tent and take it on the road (computer and printer).  We come to your home, place of employment or school for onsite virtual modeling and then to finish we physically printing of your designs right there.

♦ Design billing and printing rates as described above apply. ♦ Our Road Show has a onetime set up and break down fee of $30. ♦ Travel fees are billed as descrtibed below ♦ Road Show travel is billed as described below.

◊ Local travel is included in the set up and break down as described above ◊ Out of area travel greater than 15 miles is billed at $0.35 per mile round trip.

Part Fabricators

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Need an obscure part but are having difficulty finding it or don’t have the time to wait for shipping?  Do you find yourself with a part that does not fit or look right and would like to improve the design?  We can solve these problem by designing the part ourselves and printing it in plastic on our MakerBot 3D printer.  Simple parts take less than an hour to design and printing costs are reasonable. For the design we can use an existing part or a sketch with dimensions or measurements. You can even supply us with your own model or STL file.   Below are some examples of some parts that we have printed recently.


Part Fabricators

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