Product Concepts, The Sanding Block Rejuvenator

  • Sanding Block Rejuvenator
  • Sanding Block Rejuvenator

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Sandpaper and sanding blocks are difficult to use on curved surfaces. Also the sand begins to fall off or it begins to get dull making the sanding job more difficult the longer you work with it. Eventually one has to replace the sandpaper to continue working which can get expensive and wasteful. There exists a need for sanding blocks in various shapes for surfaces other than flat and where the sand can be replenished quickly and easily for effective and uninterrupted finish work. The Sanding Block Replenisher, as described below, provides a solution.


The Sanding Block Replenisher comes in a kit with various forms of blocks including those designed to sand in crevices, rounded corners and flat surfaces. But the best part is the ability to replenish the sand when the grains fall off or get dull. The kits comes with a glue adhesive, various common types of grit and a container (named the sand box) with various compartments for each of the sand grits. When a sanding block needs replenishment the glue is applied to the areas in need then the block is pushed into the appropriate compartment of the sand box with an effective amount of pressure to assure adhesion. Various types of glue can be used including heat activated (where the block would be placed in an oven type device for a short amount of time to cure) or a short duration epoxy where the catalyst would be added in a dry form to the sand. Once the glue is cured its back to sanding. One would have to be careful not to mix the grit types or contaminate the glue. Blocks would be specific to a particular grit type.

The Sanding Block Replenisher provides all of the shapes you need for any sanding project and when they get dull simply replenish them with new sand. Never buy sandpaper again!